House wine grape wine - the most ancient, noble and useful healthy drink. He is often called solar nectar. The wine is not only preserved the most vitamins from grapes, but also in the process of fermentation, new nutrients. Good wine grape - is a panacea for many diseases. With his help treat anemia, normalize blood pressure, improve the appetite. And if you use 1 tablespoon red wine every day, it will bring all radionuclides from your body. Add the wine, a pinch of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and you get a great aphrodisiac!
   As you can see the wine - a valuable drink. He was not only drunk, but also added to the variety of dishes, which gives the latter a spicy flavor. And hard to imagine a romantic dinner. a family holiday or a corporate dinner without a glass of wine. So, wine not only become a part of our lives, but also heals our diseases and uplifting.
   First a few words about the grapes. This is a very common sort of "Isabella blue": tight clusters of round, not large berries.
   This grape variety is not whimsical, stands and 30-degree heat and 30-degree cold. Shelter in the winter, it is not necessary, so it is growing "by itself." The only requirement - to gather the grapes need to frost and must bunches must be dry. Usually we break we in early October.
   After the grapes are harvested, it is necessary to separate the berries from gronok. This is the most tedious part of the job, because inadvertently got bloomed or dried berries spoil the taste. Another useful remark for all readers MirSovetov: many of my friends crush grapes with branches, and the resulting wine turns tart and bitter. Do not repeat the same mistakes. To get this quite tasty wine consuming stage in the wine industry is inevitable.
   Aborted berries to add to any large-sized container. In our case, it is a 60-liter enameled saucepan.
   Here is the ready for processing raw materials.
   According to the recipe is not allowed long storage of berries in this way, otherwise the fermentation process starts early. Therefore, once you have separated from gronok berries, they should be immediately suppressed. This is done using the usual crush, so we all crush potatoes for mashed potatoes.
   Grind should be very careful that each berry burst and gave their precious juice. As a result of these manipulations, settle to the bottom cake and grape juice will be on top. Then you need to drain the resulting juice through a colander or cheesecloth.
   Add juice and sugar, boiling, you can preserve it in the bank and enjoy the winter with natural grape juice. Just be sure to dilute with water, since juice is concentrated and has a lot of pure glucose. And drink a lot of it is dangerous. Especially diabetics. Winemaking
   For vintage, a special dishes. We use the 5-and 20-liter glass bottles. It is in these bottles need to be drained and the resulting grape juice. Pour should not completely, but at 2/3 capacity, which was to blame "play." Pouring juice bottle to bottle up a special cover: it makes a hole in which to insert a tube. For this tube and carbon dioxide will be released, you must put it in a jar of water, pre-blowing.
   And more. The cork should be very close to keep out the air. I will share with readers MirSovetov little secret - for perfect sealing cap zaleplivaem clay. Erecting the whole "mechanism", send wine cellar to ferment. This process will last for 2-3 months at a temperature of 5 degrees, as long as it does not "win." During this time, often need to check whether the bubbling water lapped at the bank (very occasionally wash the jar and change the water.) If not, an urgent need to make the lid tight, otherwise the wine becomes vinegar. If you do not have the room at a temperature of about 5 degrees, and the bottle is in a warm place - we do not need to pour a third, and more than half capacity. Finishing line
   Approximately 2-3 months (before the new year) wine almost stops playing, the whole sludge and foam settles to the bottom. Actually wine is ready. We did a dry house wine, a fortress to 5 turns. If you like this wine, for you the process is over. Enough to filter and can be used.
   But if you want wine poslazhe stronger and have more work to do. Recipes for homemade wine adds another step for a period in a month, but trust me - it's worth it. To start the wine must be carefully drained (not shaking the bottle!) In a large container. Drain the need not to end, because the bottom is turbidity and cream of tartar. They should stay on the bottom. Then on one liter of beverage add 100-150 grams of sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved. (!) Note that in our family like sweet wine, but if you like sweet - reduce the amount of sugar.
   Now wash bottles, dry upside down and pour in the "new" wine back at them. Close all the same plugs and leave the wine to "play" on.
   A month later, when the wine will be playing in the jar will be almost no bubbles, gently pour the drink bottles, close the stopper and store in refrigerator. House wine is ready to drink, has been 11-13 rpm, and has acquired a pleasant sweetness.
   If you like champagne, pour strained wine back into the bottle and close the caps. It will be a little play in the use of "pinching language."
   That's the technology. As you can see the recipe is not too difficult. But, what is the result - the house wine with a fine bouquet, delicate flavor of the wine mature and chic style! Try it - you will not regret!

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